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By Alan Anger
Alan Anger, Freeze Drying Expert


There's Money to be Made in the Recovery of Belongings and Keepsakes After a Disaster

Freezedry Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1992. The company's background in freeze-drying is built on 30 years of experience with major international pharaceutical companies, consulting with FDA, USDA and in many other technical matters regarding freeze-drying.

Freezedry Specialties' main focus has been to develop freeze-dry systems that are space-age, high-tech, energy efficient, and the most important part, affordable. Freezedry Specialties innovations and development of trouble-free, and easily serviced equipment have led to several patent pending features.

"Freezedry Specialties systems are so user-friendly that after uncrating a system it's set up and working in about an hour."

What is freeze-drying? During World War II, freeze-drying cam of age when the government used this process as a means to store human plasma. Today other industries have discovered the advantages of freeze-drying and are taking advantage of this technology. Included are pharmaceutical manufacturing, food producers, scientific applications, museums, taxidermists, florists, law enforcement, water restoration and the insurance industry.

Freeze-drying is a vital part of recovering and restoring water damaged personal belongings. Belongings like Bibles, books, personal documents, collections, office files, keepsakes, etc. Freezedry Specialties customers include The Smithsonian Institute and The Minnesota Historical Society. Insurance companies are in need of this expertise, and your business could be part of the freeze-drying recovery and restoration business for less than $300.00 per month. Contact us at (800) 362-8380 for more information on Ultra-Dry freeze dryers.

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