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About Freezedry Specialties

Compact, Modular Vacuum Freeze Dryer Design

Freezedry Specialties offers three versatile systems for today’s modern laboratory.

Ultra Dry sterilizable lyophilizer Ultra Dry Lyophilizer accessories

The fully sterilizable Ultra-Dry Labtop lyophilizer may be operated either horizontally or vertically and is available with a precision stoppering system.

Ultra-Dry ARA-750 is a commercial freezer based system with a 7.5" X 15" product chamber, refrigerated vapor trap, vacuum pump, and all fittings and hoses.

FreezeDry Specialties Ultra-Dry systems take up no more space than an upright freezer.

Model ARA1800 features a practical 18" X 30" product chamber, refrigerated vapor trap, vacuum pump, and all fittings and hoses.

Designed by a seasoned team of lyophilization engineers, these proven systems are reliable and produce consistent, predictable results.

Its compact, modular design operates on 110 volts for less than a dollar a day in most areas of the US. A 220 volt design is available. A sequential process control is available to further automate the process.

Need more product space? Up to three product chambers can share a single vapor trap and vacuum pump with no loss of performance. There’s no need to buy additional stand alone units resulting in tremendous savings. So, you can start out small and grow as big as you want.

Model: ARA 1800 R.V.T.
Chamber: 18" Dia x 30" Deep
Freezer: 10 sq. ft. floor space
65" H x 32" W x 23.5" D
Power: 110 Volts
Weight: Cabinet: 210 lbs.
Pump: 60 lbs.
Vapor Trap 80 lbs.
Shipping Weight: ~485 lbs.

If you need additional technical information about the design or specifications of the system, call us toll free at 1-800 etc. Or e-mail Freezedry Email. We’ll be more than happy to field your questions.

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